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Fine line

The process starts with a consultation between the client and the artist, during which the client explains their tattoo idea, and the artist discusses the design, placement, and other details. After the design is finalized, the artist creates a stencil to use as a guide during the actual tattooing process.

The tattooing process itself can take several hours or multiple sessions, depending on the complexity of the design and the client's pain tolerance. During this stage, the artist works carefully to ensure that the lines are crisp, the shading is smooth, and the colors are vibrant. 

To achieve the best results once healed and looks great for years to come it is critical to follow the post-care instructions. A touch-up after 4 weeks is available if needed, contact for rates specific to your tattoo and needs. 

Starting value as shop minimum 


$80 USD

Flash minimum, sizes/design will vary 

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